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SPECIAL EVENT: Tampa Bay Origami Group Virtual Bi-Weekly Meet Ups

Folding paper is relaxing, mindful and enjoyable. Something we could all use right now. It is a lifetime hobby accessible by everyone at any age.

Be warned though, it is addicting and the possibilities are endless. You meet the nicest people and make the coolest things with a piece of paper. These North Stars are an example of that. They are 3D and this model has the neatest folds/moves. Learning origami is like dancing with paper!

There are two free Origami Meet Ups. One weekend day time and one weekday night time, so you can always find a time to fold that works for you!

Saturday Origami with Ian

Next meeting is: January 8, 2022 then every other Saturday after that!
Meets 10am - 11:30 EST every other Saturday morning
Google Meet link:

Monday Origami with Sonia
Meets 7pm - 8pm EST every Monday night
Google Meet link:

Beginners welcome. You just need simple origami paper.

Do you love Origami? Miss folding in person? Join us virtually! Origami is a very relaxing, fun and meditative experience. Come join us and meet fellow origami enthusiasts!

Register and we will send you a FREE starter kit so you may easily fold with us!