TRC Writing Instruments

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TRC BRASS PENCIL / TRC brass pencil

When you are out of hands, you want to roll a compact body in your hands, or you need a little time to use it, it makes it a little fun to write. Brass pencils made in a small factory in Japan that has been operated since a long time can be written anytime anywhere and erased, it is a perfect pen for traveling.
This portable pencil is an awful lot of fun. When not in use, the shape of the pencil should make you want to to fiddle with it. This pencil is made in a factory that is located in a historical district in Japan.

BRASS BALLPOINT PEN / brass ballpoint pen

The ballpoint pen does not require an eraser, so it has a ring so that one can customize the pen with a string or a hook. By doing so, you can carry this around like a key holder and hang it on your backpack or belt. Since people use pen frequently, the rate in which the color and texture of the brass changes is faster, so you can tell the change it goes through quickly. This will give the pen a feeling of an old tool that a craftsman has been using for A long time.