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Blackwing Pearl Starter Kit

Enjoy all the goodness of the Blackwing Pearl in one convenient set. This bundled starter kit has everything you need for journaling, your work from home desk or office.

The Pearl is Tona's favorite graphite in the Blackwing line-up. The clean color, the perfectly balanced graphite is a joy to write or sketch with and looks crisp in any setting.

The Pearl Summit notebook is your mobile workstation. Every notebook features 160 pages of high-quality, 100GSM paper sewn bound between a matte white soft cover. Each notebook measures 7.5in x 10in when closed and 15in x 10in when opened, giving you room for brainstorming sessions, notes, landscape sketches, and anything else your work demands.

The box of 12 pencils in a stand up case is handy on your desk and the two step sharpener is the only one you will ever need. Step one sharpens the wood and step two refines the point. So, so smart and elegant.

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