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Uppercase Magazine - Issue 57

Issue 57 (April-May-June 2023) for the creative and curious.

Patterns, patterns and even more patterns! This is the fifth edition of the UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide.

In pattern making, the fusion of geometry, color and creativity offers infinite possibilities. Having skill is certainly important—whether gained through deliberate practice or serendipitous talent—but when it comes to creating a design that is attractive and memorable, it is the artist’s individuality that has the most influence. Personality, a knack for storytelling and an eye for color, those are the intangible qualities of a successful surface pattern designer. 

This issue is a joyful celebration of pattern and personality!

Janine Vangool is a one-woman show and a visionary. Help support independent publishing and artists.

UPPERCASE publishes books and magazines for the creative and curious: publications that spark the imagination and inspire creativity. They are an eco-friendly, independent, ad-free publication.

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