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Blackwing Volumes No. 93

This new limited edition release pencil from Blackwing bring such joy! It is a pencil that is all about what our studio embodies: slowing down and finding gratitude in each day!

The Blackwing 93 is a tribute to Corita Kent. She was an educator, artist, and social justice advocate who believed that art could be a tool for dialogue, reflection, and change. 

She was chair at the Art Department at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles, and asked her students to engage in “slow looking” exercises. Using a paper viewfinder tool that simulated the experience of using a camera, her students were able to select, isolate, and examine details of the world around them. This resulted in drawings that taught the students how to slow down and see the world with a fresh perspective. How cool is that?

Her message of being present and curious permeated through every chapter of Corita’s life and work. From the 1950’s until her death in 1986 her art progressed from modernist interpretations of traditional religious subjects to pop-infused political statements and introspective examinations.

Each pencil features one of the six colorful brushstrokes that make up Corita’s iconic rainbow swash. Commissioned in 1971, the rainbow swash adorns a 140-foot-tall natural gas storage tank along Interstate 93 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The pencils contain our soft graphite and each set includes two of each color design.

There are two of each color in this box. The rainbow pencils feature soft lead, a white eraser and ferrule. These extraordinary pencils will go fast and color your world with a fresh perspective.

5% of the proceeds from this pencil will support continued work in art education through the Corita Art Center.

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