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Notebook Sampler for Fountain Pens

At last, we have a fountain pen friendly notebook sampler for you! Various sizes and applications allow you to use your favorite fountain pen in many ways. Note taking, to do lists, in your car, in your pocket, the uses are unlimited. Some of the best paper from Japan in stylish packages. 

This sampler pack features an Apica lined soft cover notebook, a Kokuyo hard cover grid notebook and a spiral Mnemosyne (love the perforated paper and waterproof cover.)

These everyday notebooks are hard to find here in the U.S. Tona grew up writing on these in high school while in the Philippines. She was frustrated she could not find these here in the U.S. In most other countries fountain pens and writing paper to match is easier to find. Let's start a revolution of writing!

Pair these with a TRAVELER'S COMPANY Brass fountain pen or your favorite KAWECO.

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