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Blackwing Volumes No. 64 Replacement Erasers

Limited edition erasers that complement the new Blackwing 64 is a tribute to comic books. They are a colorful salute to the innovative minds that bring visual stories to life.

These four different colors symbolize the 4-color printing process used during the Golden Age of comic books. Many comic producers used this four color printing process to color the images in their books. This process utilized a combination of overlapping dots, lines, and precise angles to give comics their unique look. 

These Blackwing Volume 64 Replacement Erasers pay homage to the 4-color CMYK printing process.  Each set comes with 3 Cyan erasers, 3 Magenta erasers, 3 Yellow erasers, and 1 Black eraser.

 These are a perfect match for the Volumes 64 limited edition pencils.

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