In the past, they released the camel color twice. Once as a fifth anniversary limited edition for the regular size, and as a collaboration version with Star Ferry for Passport Size. Both of those notebooks were released as a limited edition, but this time, they readjusted the color and texture of the camel leather, and decided to add it into our standard lineup.

Compared to black and brown, camel shows a lot of change in color. Also, each of the camel leather shows a slight difference, and makes scratch marks easy to appear, but the more you use it, the more the texture changes and reflects the characteristic of the user. In that sense, it’s possible to say that out of the three leather colors available, camel is the color that most reflects the characteristic of TRAVELER’S notebook.

In addition to the camel notebook, camel color Pen Holder, Passport Size Refill Sketch Paper, Lightweight Paper, and Kraft Paper will be added to the regular lineup. We hope this new lineup joining on this 10th anniversary will make your life with TRAVELER’S notebook more fun.

Regular size is approx. 9" x 5.75"

Passport size is approx. 6" x 4.5"