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Typewriter Ribbon

Typewriter Ribbon in color.  Will work with other 2" ribbon spools. Universal spindle. The Universal spool 1/2" ribbon on a 2" spool  will fit many if not most typewriters.  

The universal spools and ribbon will fit the following models and many others not listed:

All Optima - Super, Elite

Remington - All Noiseless, Portables(original spools required) and Office Models

All Olympia - SM, SF, SG, DeLuxe, ALL Olympia typewriters 

All Underwood - Noiseless, Portable and Office Models  

Olivetti - Lettera, Studio, Valentine, etc 

All Royal portables - Portable, Quiet, Quiet Deluxe, Deluxe, Aristocrat, Arrow, Speed King, Signet, Junior, Royalite, Safari, Diana, Custom. 1920's - 1950's+

LC Smith Corona - Silent, Sterling, Standard, Corona 3(original spools required), Corona Four, Speedline, Clipper and office models

All Hermes - 2000, 3000, Baby, Rocket, etc.

All Voss - All models

All Cole Steel - All models

Consul - All Models

(Some typewriters have smaller than 2" spools and those may need to be "refilled" by winding the 1/2 ribbon from a universal ribbon onto the typewriter's original spools. )