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Esterbrook "J" Fountain Pen: Palm Green

Palm Green is already a classic to us. Inspired by the original “J” fountain pen from Esterbrook, it is sleek and suave. Oh so fresh! This classic pocket pen appealed to the practicality of the times. It was a perfect pen for both men and women, and it still is today.

The revival of this very popular 1940’s and 50’s pen has all the hallmarks of its predecessor, with a few new bells and whistles. It features a refined design, that isn’t fussy, and fits well in the hand. It is compact in size, so you can always have one on hand in your jeans or shirt pocket, purse, or briefcase. It can be with you on the go, wherever you go.

The "J" is now available in a stunning green with gold accents, perfect for Spring. This pen is as contemporary as it is retro, modern as it is vintage, and small as it is mighty. Our favorite pen release this year!

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