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Esterbrook "Estie" Limited Edition Fountain Pen: Scarlet

New this Fall is an Esterbrook special seasonal edition: the Esterbrook Estie Scarlet. Inspired by the heroine in the iconic movie, Gone With The Wind, this reminds us of the sassy red dress she wore. Or you can think of your heart afire with love and passion. Vibrant and bold, this launch of this limited edition pen is a perfect start to the holidays.


Select from palladium or gold accent. Medium nib.

The nibs are specially manufactured in Germany by Jowo.

The material is a blended and turned marbled aqua acrylic with a high-polished finish.

A cushion cap closure provides a secondary seal to ensure a wet point.

Ink is filled by a cartridge of ink or a converter, which acts like a syringe to draw ink from a bottle.

A sleek clip that provides a clean accent for the cap and slides easily to one’s shirt pocket

Each new Estie Aqua comes packaged with our custom logo Eternity polishing cloth.

The Estie Fountain Pen weighs 24g overall and measures 5.9″ closed, 5″ open, 6.7″ posted.