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Journaling Desk Essentials

Best ever putting pen-to-paper set. These Japanese essentials are perfect for capturing your thoughts, musings and more. Inspiration flows easily and freely with these tools.

A luxurious leather notebook, luscious brass writing instrument all in a wood box featuring dovetail corners. Use this set for journaling, planning or documenting. Portable and yet large enough for all your desk tools as well. 
The finest fundamentals for an analog desk that is stylish and unique.

- full size leather TRAVELERS Notebook Starter Kit

- a brass writing pencil 

- the Classiky wood box in small (measures: 10" x 6.5' x 5.25") with a sliding tray and handle.

You will treasure this heirloom quality set for years to come. Affordable luxuries make the everyday things in life exquisite. ⁠Analog living at its best.