The Ultimate Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit

When you start a new creative journey, you want the best quality tools that will last you a lifetime. In our updated Modern Calligraphy Kit, you will find everything you need to get started right away on a successful and long-lasting pointed pen journey!

Every hand-assembled kit contains:

Oblique Pen Holder: Ornamental wood turned holder with brass flange is used to achieve a consistent angle. Typically for right handed use but lefties have been known to use as well.

Straight Pen Holder: This wood holder has a universal insert which will accommodate any nib. Perfect for both right and left handed use.

Sumi Ink: This smooth, jet black ink is perfect for practicing and projects.

Nikko G Nib: A medium flex nib that is ideal for beginners.

Brause EF66 Nib: A high flex nib that creates dramatic stroke contrast. 

Leonardt Nib Tin:Store your nibs in style to keep them safe and dry.

100% Cotton Cloth: Clean your water and ink from your nib during and after writing. 

Screw-top Glass Jar: Use this handy jar for your Sumi ink.

Practice Paper: Smooth high quality paper to avoid ink feathering and spreading.

Cushion Sheet: Enhances the writing experience, it buffers the pen point and the table.

Exemplar: Two complete styles, one beginning and one a bit fancier. Uppercase and lowercase alphabets with guides.

Drill Sheet: Practice makes perfect with this fun sea shore inspired sheet. 

The whole package is wrapped up in wax-sealed string, making it a great gift for your aspiring calligrapher!

The Modern Calligraphy Kit is made to inspire for years to come. It is why it has been one of our top selling products for years. Learn how to create beautiful calligraphy letters, then words and whole sentences, all on your own time. The included exemplars and drill sheets are easy for even the first-time calligrapher to follow. Learning calligraphy with the Modern Calligraphy Kit is mindful and fun. 

Available in Turquoise or Purple. 

NOTE: We are sold out of these right now.  We suggest that you visit our friend’s shop: and purchase hers. We originally collaborated with her and she has the best one on the market. You will also find online courses and other tools that make great gifts.

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