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The Ultimate Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit

We are so excited to share with you our new Modern Calligraphy Kit. We have combined the Ultimate and the Essential Kits to bring you the best of both worlds in one complete kit. This updated starter kit will set you on a creative journey that will inspire for years to come. It has everything you need to get started right away!

This new calligraphy kit contains best quality tools to ensure your pointed pen success. You will find:
Straight Pen Holder: This wood holder has a universal insert which will accommodate any nib. Perfect for both right and left handed use.
Sumi Ink: This smooth, jet black ink is perfect for practicing and projects.
Nikko G Nib: A medium flex nib that is ideal for beginners.
Brause EF66 Nib: A high flex nib that creates dramatic stroke contrast. 
Leonardt Nib Tin: Store your nibs in style to keep them safe and dry.
100% Cotton Cloth: Clean your water and ink from your nib during and after writing. 
Screw-top Glass Jar: Use this handy jar for your Sumi ink.
Practice Paper: Smooth high quality paper to avoid ink feathering and spreading.
Cushion Sheet: Enhances the writing experience, it buffers the pen point and the table.
Exemplar: Two complete styles, one beginning and one a bit fancier. Uppercase and lowercase alphabets with guides.
Drill Sheet: Practice makes perfect with this fun sea shore inspired sheet. 

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