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Unleash Your Creativity: Analog Ideation on Paper at the Dalí Museum

Bringing Ides from Mind to Matter, From Inspiration to the Seeds of Creativity

How writing, sketching, painting, collaging, and writing on paper can unleash the creative spark, and help transport ideas from the depth of our creative minds, into a physical form that we can evolve.

In this highly immersive, hands-on experience, participants will be inspired by the exhibit, Where do ideas come from? Dali’s Drawings - Works on paper,and then be guided through a series of activities designed to help free their inner creative self.

With a sense of play, attendees will experiment with different creative processes all using paper and variety of media, including pencil, pen, crayon, typewriter, charcoal, watercolor, collage, and more.

2.5 hours total experience (6 – 6:30 exhibit 6:30 – 8:30p class)

Wednesday October 11th

Location: The Dalí Museum’s Raymond James Community Room
Cost: $40 for non-members
Gallery access and all materials are included.