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Uppercase Magazine - Issue 58

This latest issue dares to attempt to define “whimsy.” What is it? It’s fanciful, playful, quaint and carefree! It brings out what makes us unique while connecting us to kindred spirits. Whimsy doesn’t minimize adversity or attempt to deny the challenges in our lives—but it does bring us hope and joy, both of which are catalysts in making our creative dreams come true. 

Just like in daily life, our artistic practice goes through ups and downs. This is a heartfelt issue that explores both the heavier and the lighter sides of creativity. Struggling through darker times and overcoming obstacles can lead to something very valuable: a creative breakthrough. It is possible to emerge from personal and professional challenges with a different perspective, renewed inspiration and restored enthusiasm. 

May you feel optimistic and energized. May you feel generous and inspired. May you feel lighter and unencumbered. 

Break through. 

Become whimsy. 

The new issue of Uppercase Magazine from Canada.

Quarterly issue for 2023: July - August - September


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