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Flow Book for Paper Lovers 8

Time to Slow Down, Time to Plan and Time to Play

The Book for Paper Lovers has now become FLOW's mascot, with which they say: you see, paper is still alive. A book without text, with only paper and over 300 pages full of paper goodies. Of which you are supposed to tear everything out and use it.

Each edition is different and has its own theme, but you will always find stationery, stickers and cards, folding projects, posters to hang and writing and coloring space. All made by illustrators from all over the world.

This eighth edition has three themes: Time to Slow Down, Time to Plan and Time to Play.

The FLOW team always works together with four main designers, who make prints, individual elements and illustrations. For Book for Paper Lovers 8, these are Yelena Bryksenkova (Canada), Maartje van den Noort (Netherlands), Jen B. Peters (US), Marisol Ortega (US). Apart from these four, at least twenty illustrators and other creatives work on all the beautiful things in the book per edition. The illustration on the cover was made by Maartje van den Noort.

300 pages of paper goodies 

This edition is packed with beautiful paper goodies:

  • Stickers to stick on your keyboard and stickers to puzzle with.
  • Stationery and cards, mini posters and tissue paper.
  • Paper for folding and paper to cover a notebook.
  • Stickers and labels.
  • A clock and a fold-out book poster.
  • Plus: a booklet in the shape of a record player, a pop-up tent, beautiful postcards, envelopes, three mini-notebooks and of course gift sheets full of beautiful prints.

Product specifications:

Number of pages: 300+
Product dimensions: 24.5x19 cm
Binding method: Paperback

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