July 27, 2019 2 min read

Writing Analog

There's a reason so many writers swear by going screen-free when jotting ideas.

When we write analog style, being physically in motion gets our imagination in motion. We get our best ideas when we are literally moving with the words we put on paper. It's an intimate way to be deeply in touch and present with the words we write, and helps us connect ideas in new ways.

These are some of our favorite ways to write analog. Try writing with one of these tools!


Vintage typewriters at The Paper Seahorse

These mechanical beauties ask us to think with intention before we put words on paper, and to slow down with our thoughts as we hit the keys. It's a delightfully auditory experience to hear the clack-clack-clacks of every letter, and the ding of the bell as we finish a line.

Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens at The Paper Seahorse

Handwriting should feel personal and enjoyable, and fountain pens give us both. Having the freedom to pick a favorite pen that speaks to you, customize it however you like, and decide how each stroke appears on paper takes the experience of writing to a new place, one that's present and mindful.

Blackwing Pencils

Blackwing pencils

Writing tools made with clever design makes us feel more confident with our work. Blackwings were made with creative thinkers in mind, with their adjustable erasers, ultra-smooth graphite in differing levels of firmness, and square ferrules which keep your pencil from rolling off your desk or workspace. (Kaweco's Mechanical Pencilsaren't too shabby, either.)

Midori Notebook

Midori notebooks

Midori's super smooth Japanese paper let's you really get into the flow of your work. You'll never be disrupted by snags, tears, or bleed-through. The minimalist design of their notebooks lets you focus fully on your writing without distractions, so you can get your best ideas.

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