November 09, 2020 1 min read

In times of uncertainty and stress we must release fear. We must trust the process of life. COVID is still with us and we are all fatigued. We have all made sacrifices and we are all still in this together. We must stay the course and be safe. We should all still wear masks, socially distance and restrict contact with others.We can also help each other wherever we are by practicing kindness and empathy. 

Here is a prescription for the holidays:

1. laugh out loud

2. give thanks

3. be kind (first to yourself, then others)

4. sleep. diet. exercise (in that order)

We have all be through alot. We all want the best holiday season it can be despite the situation. And together we can all build back better.  Remember how much we have to be grateful for. Remember that everyday we can shift the dynamic, save the planet and one another. Let's finish out the year better than it started!

Be safe, be well and find the joy in each day. 

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