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Calligraphy Kit Collaboration with The Postmans Knock

We are so excited to finally share a special collaboration we have been working on with Lindsey of The Postmans Knock! Lindsey is an amazing calligrapher and has taught several workshops here in our studio. She shares our same passion for exquisite tools and high quality. 

Lindsey encourages people create their own kits, however she's found that isn't for everyone, and I also couldn't find a kit I truly loved so we decided to make our own. It combines our passion for calligraphy and my obsession with packaging. We created two versions, The Essential and the Ultimate Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit. One has the basics and one has all the bells and whistles.

Ultimate Calligraphy Starter Kit above features:

- a straight holder (for left or right-hand)
- a brass-flange oblique holder
- a bottle of Yasutomo sumi ink
- glass jar with metal lid for ink
- Nikko G nib and a Brause 66EF nib
- 100% cotton made in the USA cleaning cloth
- glass dappen dish and matching metal lid for water
- Leonardt & Co. Tin to store you nibs
- alphabet exemplar featuring upper and lowercase
- print of an original pen and ink illustration
- premium laser jet paper

The Essential Modern Calligraphy Kit above features the basics to get started:

- straight holder (for right or left hand)
- Yasumoto Sumi ink
- glass jar with metal lid for ink
- alphabet exemplar
- Nikko G nib 
- 100% cotton made in the USA cleaning cloth
- print of an original pen and ink illustration
- premium laser jet paper

Both come in a kraft box with 100% cotton twine made in the USA and feature a wax seahorse seal. The print, which was created by Lindsey using the same Nikko G nib and sumi ink in the kit, is printed with an aqueous coating, which is much more environmentally friendly than traditional UV coatings.

Both contain a link to an exclusive "roadmap" for learning calligraphy, project suggestions and an exclusive calligraphy drills practice sheet all downloadable on The Postmans Knock website. How adorable is the flourished seahorse?!

Paper Seahorse exclusive drills sheet

These are both perfect companions to go with Lindsey's new online e-course: Beginners Modern Calligraphy Course. She does a fantastic job breaking calligraphy down and making it accessible to beginners. This is also an amazing resource for those of you who are not local to Tampa and cannot take a class with us here.

We hope you come see these kits in person or buy one for yourself. They also make a great gift! Treat yourself or someone you love today. You'll be glad you did. 

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Mar 30, 2018

Do you ever do classes other than in Tampa?


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