The Top Five Fine Stationery Accessories Everyone Should Own

by Tona Bell March 02, 2017 2 min read

 What makes our top five list of must haves for the modern stationer? It must be unique, well crafted and useful. The must have accessories for the year are those elegantly designed by Tools To Live By and Lilikoi. One is an artisanal company in Taipei, Taiwan and one is a collaboration between Lilikoi’s Andrea Sato and her father in Los Angeles, California. They are both innovative and thoughtful, everything you want in good design.


Leather Pencil Case

Upgrade your everyday pencil case with a handmade leather pen/pencil case. Perfect for your erasers, sharpeners and fountain pens too. The quality and attention to detail make sure you will be using these for years to come.


Pencil Caps

Stylish and useful leather caps for pencils. Pretty and functional, these work amazingly well for Blackwing pencils. I personally use the brown for my pearl and the black for my limited edition Vol.24. Now my pencil case and bags don’t get marks everywhere and my pencils stay sharp!


Brass Paper Clips

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, there were several unique and handy paper clips patented. Update your desk with brass versions of these everyday items.



No desk would be complete without a terrific pair of scissors and we love the Tools To Live By Circle Series scissors. The perfect size, not too small, not too big, at 6.5” these are made of fine Japanese stainless steel. You can tell the wider blade design combines style and function in one lovely shape.


Brass Letter Opener

The Lilikoi solid brass letter opener is hand made in Los Angeles by a father / daughter team! We love Andrea Sato’s letter press stationery, so when we saw this simple and elegant design, we knew it was a keeper. This limited run, handmade solid brass letter opener with a black silk tassel was inspired by the love of letterpress, the art of the handwritten note and an ode to fine craftsmanship.
Designed by Andria Sato, Owner of Lilikoi Design + Letterpress and manufactured by her father David Ledon, Owner of Ledon Machine Tool Corporation.

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