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A message from Tona Bell, Proprietress of The Paper Seahorse: 


Five of my favorite shops that I loved have closed in recent years, and it makes my heart heavy. They were Strands of Sunshine in St. Pete, Inkwood Books in Tampa, Blue Moon Trading Company in Tampa, Castle In The Air in Berkeley, CA, and Whim So Doodle in St. Pete.

All of these had several things in common: They were women-owned, small business, one-of-a-kind, and creative spaces of inspiration.

These businesses were all inspiration for The Paper Seahorse, Tampa Bay and the world - and now they are gone! Please help us keep analog authenticity alive by letting folks know we exist.

Having joined these women four and a half years ago, I now understand the dedication, hard work, sleepless nights, tears and frustration that having a small creative business can cause. Retail is hard, the internet is slowly killing brick and mortar shops, and online competition is crowded.

So, the team here at The Paper Seahorse is asking you for help. We need your love. We need every fan to help spread the word about our shop and online shop.

 If you tell just three people about us, forward this blog, or share a social media post, you can help others understand the joys of getting offline for a while - the "in real life" connection that taking a creative class can bring, the flow state that journaling can create.

Won’t you join the analog resistance?  Help make The Paper Seahorse the destination for a digital detox in Tampa and around the globe. Together we can keep Tampa authentic and writing and making in-style. 

Yours in analog pursuits,


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maryleen ward
maryleen ward

April 30, 2020

good morning even though it was last year I found you in Tampa i live in Ruskin and i like walking in to building feeling every stories that can be felt from the life of people and the love of sharing their gifts and passion with others yes i will spread the word by word of mouth thank yu

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