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TRAVELER'S Notebooks just got a whole lot more customizable.

Already the ultimate tool for personalization, the TRAVELER'S COMPANY in Tokyo has just released a new line for 2019 as original and creative as when they first released their innovative designs over 10 years ago. 

We got a first look at the brand new line during our "Have a Nice Trip! TRAVELER'S COMPANY Experience" on April 20th. Now available to everyone in-store and online. Take a look at the new ways you can customize your TRAVELER'S notebook in 2019:

Paper Cream Notebook

TRAVELER'S notebook paper cream refill

These refills are filled with a soft cream color that's made to be easy on the eyes, and makes inks contrast beautifully on paper, especially blue ink. It also pairs wonderfully with Midori's colored pencils. Available in 025 Regular and 013 Passport.

Dot Grid Notebook

TRAVELER'S notebook dot grid insert
At last! This was a very in-demand product from the TRAVELER'S COMPANY. Now you can finally have dot grid paper in your TRAVELER'S notebooks. Dot grids are revered for adding organization to your journaling without being obstructive to your art or designs. These are the favored patterns of people who bullet journal. Available in 026 Regular and 014 Passport.

Watercolor Paper

TRAVELER'S COMPANY Watercolor insert

These inserts are filled with pages made for crafting beautiful watercolor paintings. The texture and paper type makes watercolor paintings pop on the page. Also perfect for sketches and collages. Each page is perforated so you can tear your work out once your done. Stick it on your wall, give it to a friend, even send it as a postcard. Available in 027 Regular and 015 Passport.

Card File

TRAVELER'S COMPANY card file insert

TRAVELER'S COMPANY card file insert

You'll find 60 spaces to store business cards, “instax mini” photos, tickets, stamps, and other memories in this insert. Make a unique guidebook of your travels, and organize your professional life in a fun, personal way. Available in 028 Regular.

Three Fold File

TRAVELER'S COMPANY tri-fold insert

TRAVELER'S COMPANY tri-fold insert

This insert is made to neatly fold and store A4 size papers. Use it for anything from ticket printouts, hotel vouchers, schedules and map copies. Available in 029 Regular.

030 Brass Clip

TRAVELER'S COMPANY 030 brass clips


Clips to keep your TRAVELER’S notebook open, every detail in their design was considered for their use with TRAVELER’S notebooks: the materials, size, design and even spring strength. Ready to use when you want to write or take a picture. There’s also a hole in the back to hang it on a wall and use your notebook for decoration. 030 comes in a TRC Logo or an Airplane design.

Passport Refill Binder

TRAVELER'S COMPANY 016 passport binder

Now you can archive your past inserts in Passport size as well! Save the memories in a binder that you can customize and decorate with stamps, inks, and more on the cover. Available in 016 Passport.
TRAVELER'S COMPANY 016 passport binder
Click here to explore the full 2019 line, straight from Tokyo to Tampa. Be sure to visit our Ybor City location to see our exhibition of all things TRAVELER'S COMPANY and see the new line in person, until May 24th. Happy Travels!

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Monica Whaley l Sassy Scribophile
Monica Whaley l Sassy Scribophile

May 01, 2019

These look awesome! I’m starting to watercolor, so that insert is very intriguing to me. Thanks for sharing all of this.

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