February 04, 2019 2 min read

6 days a week, Marilyn pops in the front door of our Bungalow studio on South Howard, and picks up every letter, card, package, and online order that we leave for her in our not-so-little mail basket. 

Marilyn is our postwoman at our South Tampa location, and without her, it's hard to imagine how The Paper Seahorse would function on a daily basis.

The front of our store, where Marilyn comes in to pick up packages

We don't always stop to think about how fortunate we are to have all the dedicated mailmen and women we have, often working unnoticed to make our lives so much easier than we realize.

People who work to keep the postal service running are especially vital to shops with online stores like ours. We've had more than our fair share of egregiously large orders to send out.

Just a usual Monday at the studio, pulling and sorting online orders that came in over the weekend.

But every time, no complaints, and all smiles, Marilyn takes every package out and makes sure it's delivered.

That's why we have days like National Thank Your Mail Carrier Day.

Every year, February 4th is a day to recognize, appreciate, and show our thanks to the postal workers who keep the service running.

Of course, Thank Your Mail Carrier Day is just a reminder - this is something we should be doing year-round.

Every once in a while, if you catch your mail carrier in your neighborhood, tell them thank you. Leave them a thank-you card in the mailbox. Give them a gift.

We went with a little handmade chocolate to show our appreciation.

A square of our signature, hand-made, almond and sea salt dark chocolate barThis stuff is heavenly.

Federal regulation states that USPS workers can receive a thank you gift of any value less than $20 dollars.

So think of a way you'd like to thank your postal worker and show a little love their way for taking care of every package, letter, and card we send and receive the snail mail way. Thanks Marilyn for being our wonderful, amazing mail carrier!

You can browse our collection of beautiful, thoughtfully made thank-you cards for inspiration.

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