Succotash at the Studio

What a Trip: Looking Back at our TRAVELER'S COMPANY Experience

 People and their notebooks came from all over the state of Florida to share their love of personalizing and customizing with a TRAVELER'S notebook for our "TRAVELER'S COMPANY Experience". Click below to see pictures and read about this event that kicks off our month-long exhibit of all things TRAVELER'S COMPANY in Ybor City, FL.
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The New 2019 TRAVELER'S COMPANY product line

TRAVELER'S COMPANY 2019 products


TRAVELER'S Notebooks just got a whole lot more customizable. Already the ultimate tool for personalization, the TRAVELER'S COMPANY in Tokyo has just released a new line for 2019 as original and creative as when they first released their innovative designs over 10 years ago. Click below to keep reading about the new ways to customize your TRAVELER'S notebook.

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New Papery Goodness from Midori Has Arrived

Midori new paper products at The paper Seahorse
When a favorite cult brand in Japan introduces something new to their already incredible line-up, paper lovers can't help but get a little giddy.
Take a peek at the latest arrival from Midori at our studio in Tampa, FL. This package came with some real treasures. Click below to keep reading.
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Note Taking, Sketching, Scheduling - There’s a Mnemosyne Notebook for Everything

mnemosyne notebooks inside The Paper Seahorse
Mnemosyne is the Greek goddess of memory - she is also an amazing line of Japanese-made notebooks. From the flexible, minimalist cover, to the glass-smooth paper, to the micro-perforated pages, Mnemosyne's practical approach to an all-needs notebook makes them some of the greatest in the world, with sizes and shapes for any purpose. Click below to keep reading.
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