Succotash at the Studio

Japanese Stationery Tour Part II: Our Top 10 Picks Continues

Stationery stores are almost as prevalent as vending machines in Japan. Some of my favorites from this trip were found in Kyoto, maybe because they were smaller or because we loved it so much there, but probably because we hope to carry these paper products very soon! Enjoy Part 2 of our Japanese Stationery Store: KYOTO. Click below to keep reading.

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#SelfCare19 - 19 Tips to Get Your Self-Care Routine Started in 2019

Attending to your own needs so that you are happy, motivated, and at your best - that is Self-Care. For #SelfCare19, we posted 19 tips on our Instagram throughout January on how to get your self-care routine started for 2019. These are all 19 tips we posted during the past month that can inspire you to create your own personalized self-care routine. Click below to keep reading.
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