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31 Days of Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is focusing your attention, with purpose, without judgment. Why would you want to do this? Because it immediately begins to lower your heart rate and put you in the present moment. We don’t have yesterday anymore, today isn’t here yet. All we have is the here and now. Make the most of it. Who are you with? What are you doing? Think about how you can get more out of life. Feel better and enjoy life. For the entire month of March, we will be sharing inspiration each day to remind you to keep in touch with yourself and with others.Read more

Mindfulness To Go: 12 Easy Ways to Take A Digital Detox


Are you anxious, depressed or feel like you can't get everything done?  Is time flying by too fast or you don't know where to begin?  A digital detox might be the answer. In today's world we are so plugged in and everything moves at the speed of light, social media does not help.  We mindlessly scroll and avoid being bored, we are often victims of how many likes and comments someone makes in a virtual world. We are bombarded by too many images and stimulus that as humans we were not made to process.  

Let's be real, technology makes the world go round and it does have its time and place.  We just need to be more cognizant of how we use it. What if we took a break and slowed down? Got offline for a bit so we could get back online in a healthy way?  Try practicing mindfulness. Meditation does a mind and body good.  Here are a dozen easy ways to incorporate mindfulness, we call them "mindfulness to go" tips:

1.  no smart phones at the table - this goes for meetings in an office, at restaurants and at the dinner table at home.

2. limit email to 2xs a day only - avoid checking and scrolling multiple times an hour.  Multitasking is a lie, we are not focused and ineffective when trying to.

3.  start a journal - learn to document without a picture posted to social media

4. practice gratitude - before you go to bed, write down one thing you are grateful for.  It is a nice way to unwind, be positive and who knows you might find one or two more things to be thankful for each day. its just for you, not the whole world.

5. mindfulness through making - take a creative class, learn something new, use your hands for making, not typing.

6. have a party where people leave their smartphones in a bowl by the front door - have an "i wonder" moment instead of looking the answer up immediately

7. write a letter - connect with someone instead of by text or email.

8. limit screen time on your smartphone, TV, iPad, and computer - replace these with one hour of listening to music, reading, or walking.  Social media will still be there when you get back.

9. spend more time with your four legged friends - I bet if your furry friends are like mine, they would appreciate some more time with you.  Go outside for a walk, play more or just a scratch on the head or chin is all they want from you. Do they want to be instafamous or do you?

10.  say no and don't over commit - we are never going to be perfect, its overrated anyway.  You will have more time and when you do spend time with others it will be more meaningful.

11. travel and unplug - take a trip and set your away message on your email, only take a few pictures, resist posting to social media and better yet, don't have data or roaming! Immerse yourself even if it is a car trip or weekend get away.

12. practice silence and calm - ten minutes or half an hour to start. meditate and stare into space, you don't have to close your eyes or repeat some mantra (that can come later) just for now, be alone with your thoughts.  No music, no talking, no reading, no watching, no thinking, just staring and peacefully slowing down your breathing for a few minutes.  you will be amazed at how calm you feel.

Bonus points:  Try 7 days of being offline - experiment with a week of analogue adventures. Start with TV, ipad, give up social media for lent!  Of course you may have to check email for your job.  That's ok. Just start with one thing and see how it feels.  Let us know what happens.  Keep in touch!


365 Days of Paperie Goodness

Its been a year since we had our official grand opening, see how far we've come!  
Come celebrate with a month of paper and creative goodness.  So much neat stuff ...We thank everyone for your belief, support and guidance in helping make us Tampa authentic and a tad more mindful and creative.
We will be celebrating Saturday October 15th with a special open house all day:  A free typewriter class, 15% off all merchandise, classes, invitations and even typewriters. There will be a free spoooky make and take, ghoulishly good refreshments as well as outrageous goodie bags.  Bring the who family for a fun crafternoon Paper Seahorse style.
For the entire month, we are also giving away 4 free classes and 4 half off classes.  Enter once and win many!
The anniversary sale lasts a full week until October 22nd.  Stop by say hello and score some goodies you may have been eyeing.  We'll have some exclusives you will want to check out.  Online use the code PSHAPPY.  See you soon.

A New Year, A New You

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet!

We've got the tools to help you.

A fresh start to the year begins with mindfulness. Taking time to reflect on what you want more of, what can you let go of and what would give you more peace of mind?  What speaks to you and stirs your soul?  Do more of that! 

Creative Visualization is the key to making your goals and dreams a reality. Through documenting and journaling you can focus and set intentions.  Exploring vision boards can change your life, promise.

Make creativity your theme for 2016.  From taking the time to be more creative in your everyday life, to just taking a class, we can help you make 2016 one of the best years ever.  We have the tools to help you achieve creative harmony.  Take a peek at our new class schedule and events for January and February.




Practicing mindfulness is on the top of our list. Its easy to get caught up in the glorification of busy, but this year we want to take the time to appreciate the small moments.

The special issue of Flow Mindfulness has our full attention. Pages full of beautiful paper and wise words of wisdom to get us to slow down and take it all in each day. Just what we need as we gear up for 2016! View in the studio or online.


Learn creative visualization techniques to guide you in 2016. We will begin the class by reviewing the Midori notebooks and share the different ways users are customizing notebooks for their own needs. Our class activity will introduce participants to weekly journaling and provide prompts for tying in 2016 goals and resolutions. We'll also demonstrate how to incorporate personal mission/vision boards into journaling. Your Midori kit is included in the workshop fee (pen, stickers, labels, washi tape, Weekly Memo Planner Diary Notebook)  January 16th Saturday 2:30 – 4:30p $50.  Start achieving your goals and sign up now.
Art Journaling
This class is for the creative soul. Artistic training is not required, only a life lived that can spill onto pages through words, paint, shapes or photographs. In this class Kristinjoy will cover what art journaling is, why it's important, and techniques and tips for launching your own creative chronology through art journaling. Includes your own travel watercolor set, and art journal. If you RSVP by February 12th, other materials will be provided for class; but feel free to bring your own favorite creative tools. Teacher Kristinjoy Taylor
February 19th Friday 6-9p $55 Sign Me Up!