October 31, 2018 2 min read

We never pick favorites when it comes to holidays but...boy do we love Halloween!

Can you blame us? It’s the one time you can throw on your craziest, most ridiculous costumes and don them proudly in public without getting a second glance. Given our penchant for curating creativity here at the studio, we get giddy just thinking of the creative costumeswe can put together, and letting our freak flag fly.


Of course, you can’t get through the spookiest day of the year without paying a little respect to all things scary and haunted. After all, our studio is housed in a 100 year old bungalow. There’s bound to be a few spirits floating about. Tona Bell, proprietress of The Paper Seahorse, mysteriously went missing, and the studio was instead taken over by Tona the Witch, and her Little Black Kitty Kat.



Amanda gave an homage to one of her favorite children’s books and dressed up as Corduroy, the little stuffed teddy bear who was missing a button. You’ll definitely be seeing her in green overalls more often.

The inspiration.


Speaking of children’s books, look! It’s writer/illustrator extraordinaire Erica Sirotich! She went for the woodsy look and pulled out a lumberjack ensemble, with a long mountain man beard and the whole shebang.


Randy, co-conspirator at The Paper Seahorse, wanted to represent his cowgirl family in the best way: by donning his own cowboy get-up. Yeehaw!


And what day at The Paper Seahorse would be complete without some nifty tools for crafting? Clara doesn’t just use them, she IS them! She followed her true calling and dressed up as what we all wish we could be: a colorful box of crayons.


We hope you have as much fun as we did this Halloween season! The costumes were fun, but the best part by far was getting to spend the day together. Just remember: you don’t have to wait for a holiday to spend time with those you love. Be safe trick-or-treating, don’t watch too many scary movies, and have a very, very Happy Halloween~



Halloween Memories, with Little Black Kitty Kat

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