Snail Mail Game Show Round #10

September 26, 2016 1 min read

Snail Mail Game Show | Uncustomary

A letter friend Amanda Just sent us a link to this amazing site where you can participate in a fun mail art prompt, so we tried it out.  

The Snail Mail Game Show is better than ever! For Round 10, the participants received a piece of paper with the outline of a person and the prompt, “If you could create a brand new planet in our solar system, what would it look like?”

Here is the result of what we dreamt up this summer: 

“This planet is really a world within a world. Rings of water and playing mermaids protect it. A lush tropical, magical place where cats are in charge and their main purpose is to PURR; because when they do, ideas are born, inspiring and loving. It’s so powerful that it is considered top secret, thus enchanted. These purrfect ideas are the ones that create beauty and harmony in the universe. They are vital to all living things. This secret planet allows one to flow, like zebras dancing in the clouds…CADEA … the planet that makes dreams come true.”

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