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Sometimes, all we need is that extra shove to make a better choice for ourselves. Holidays and special occasions are a great resource for “extra shoves”. Valentine’s Day reminds us to show more love. Thanksgiving reminds us to practice gratitude. National Day of Unplugging reminds us to...well, you can probably guess what this one is for.

National Day of Unplugging is March 1st

Celebrating National Day of Unplugging at The Paper Seahorse with books and paper flowers

It may not be on the official holiday list, but it’s arguably a more important and relevant holiday than many of the other dates that pop up on our calendar. National Day of Unplugging is a straightforward day to give us a digital detox - but the possibilities for celebrating go much farther.

By turning off our cell phones and shutting down our laptops, we open the door to fully and wholeheartedly enjoying the analog world. We can read a book distraction-free. We can have uninterrupted time with our favorite people. We can spend time in nature and enjoy a littleshinrin-yoku therapy.

So how do we celebrate?

In theory, how you celebrate a day of Unplugging is completely up to you!

Officially, the organizers of National Day of Unplugging celebrate by turning off all their devices from Sundown on March 1st to Sundown on March 2nd. Think of it as Yom Kippur for our devices.

You can change your voicemail to let people know that you're unplugging for the day. You can also change your status or put a post on social media to tell others that you're stepping away. It's also not a bad idea to reach out to your close friends and family directly and tell them your plans, in case someone tries to reach you. In fact, telling people why you're unplugging might inspire more people to celebrate and unplug!

If necessary, let your employer know your plans and make sure you have the O.K. from them.

Once we've confidently communicated our plans if needed, all we need to do is shut all our devices off (laptop, cell phone, tablet, TV, etc.), and let them rest somewhere away and out of sight. With our pockets empty and our minds undistracted with the temptation of technology, we're digitally detoxing!

Let's Detox

Spending time in the analog world is something we can do whenever we want. But having all our devices turned off and put away can truly free us from the digital world, even if only for day. Our mind is more at ease and we can leap full-force into a mindful and present analog experience. We can start to appreciate that our world won't fall apart if we're away from our phones for a little bit, and maybe even get in the habit of having regular unplugging sabbaths.

So are you going to unplug this Friday? Leave a comment and let us know what your plans are for National Day of Unplugging! Let’s shut off our phones, tablets, TVs, and laptops, and enjoy a much-needed digital detox.

You can learn more about National Day of Unplugging and find tips and ideas at their official website. Happy Analog Wishes!

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