Meet Our Incredible Teachers - Laura Knepler

August 05, 2016 2 min read

As part of our on-going series about our fabulously talented teachers: we sat down with maker, crafter, writer Laura Knepler who does SEO writing by day and moonlights many creative pursuits (you should see her sewn collages)!


My name is...and my nickname or people call me...Laura Beth, and many call me LB.

My passion is...learning new things. Somewhere along the line of life, I came to believe that I could take on most any discipline. This outlook has led to myriad experiences— working as a writer, devouring literature by the Russian ‘greats’, hiking on the Appalachian Trail from eastern Tennessee to the southern border of Virginia, illustrating a children’s story, directing plays and musicals, competing in athletics from my preteens through college, playing in a female-fronted ukulele rock band, teaching at an outdoors school stationed in Rocky Mountain National Park, summiting Longs Peak before sunrise. Of course, these are some of my more colorful pursuits, and I’ve come to find that learning new things is as possible in your current locale as it can be in a new country. One doesn’t have to go far to challenge themselves.    

You might not guess this about me, but....I was on a German dancing team all four years of high school. Our team performed traditional dances at cultural festivals throughout the state of Illinois. We were called the Schühplatters, and I wore a dirndl.

If I could give one piece of advice to someone at the the start of their creative journey/or next project it would be...share about what you’re doing. For some, this might be talking about your doubts or misgivings. For others, you might be so excited about your ideas that you cannot contain them. Sharing allows you to establish accountability for your creative project, and it also provides the opportunity to inspire those around you in their own creative pursuits.

I believe in snail mail because....there is power in the written word. To write someone, you have to set aside time, you have to consider the words you’ll use, and you have to acquire the necessary materials to send your letter. As a snail mail addict, I am always surprised to learn that someone does not have stamps on hand at all times : )

What I love about teaching at the Paper Seahorse is....the lively individuals I encounter. The team at the Paper Seahorse is supportive to its teachers, and the students who seek out classes are interested in exploring their creativity. It’s a refreshing environment!

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