March 01, 2019 1 min read

March is one of our favorite months here at the studio. The feeling of fresh, new possibilities is in the air, as well as a chance for change and growth within ourselves.

Whether we’re embracing creative opportunities or learning about ourselves, at the center of all this is a chance to practice mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an intentional focus on the present moment, without judgement.

It is reminder of a basic truth: the present moment is all we really have. We don’t have yesterday, and tomorrow isn’t here yet. All we really have and need is the present moment.

Who are we with? What are we doing? Where are we?

When we make the most of the present, and live in the moment, we realize how much abundance there is for us to soak up moment by moment.

31 Days of Mindfulness in March

Every year, we celebrate the month of March with 31 Days of Mindfulness. Each day, for the entire month of March, we’ll post a new tip on our Facebook and Instagram on how to incorporate more mindfulness in your day to day life.

These are tips that are meaningful, that can help us come back to the present moment, and enjoy the important things in life. Let’s feel more peace and happiness this month, and practice mindfulness in March!

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