July 13, 2020 1 min read

We at the Paper Seahorse are very excited to share with you the inaugural course from our very own online school, The Analog Academy.   As you know, we are all about helping people find peace and joy through writing, expressing and creating by hand.  Over the years, our classes and workshops have become very popular, and our community has been telling us how much they miss them right now.  So, we have been very busy over the last few months building an online school that meets the high level of quality and experience you have come to expect from the Paper Seahorse. 

Summer Session is now enrolling for:
Brush Lettering 101 with artist and author, Amanda Kammarada

The Analog Academy experience is so much more than video tutorials you can find on YouTube.  Some of the features you can expect to find are:
  • Class Groups to share ideas and make connections
  • In Class Discussions to ask questions
  • Course or Topic Communities - to share ideas, make connections and express yourself with other students in a safe, private environment
  • Check-ins from Faculty now and then from us to make sure you are being supported all the way through to the end of your course and beyond
  • Customize your online classroom 
  • Many courses offer Quizzes, Assignments, and Live Events

    Take a peek at The Analog Academy course player:

    Our next class in in production now:  Watercolor Journaling with Lynda Fishbourne. 
    Do you have any ideas for a class?  Something you would like to take?  Something you would like to teach?  Please let us know.

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