March 14, 2019 2 min read

“How do you make the perfect calligraphy kit?”

This is what we asked ourselves when we partnered with Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman’s Knock back in March of 2018. We had seen other calligraphy intro kits on the market, but almost all of them were filled with cheap throwaway items that didn’t excite anyone to practice their calligraphy.

That’s why we decided to source items that would evoke the beauty of calligraphy itself, that made the recipient excited to practice their craft, and were tools that would last a lifetime.

Our signature Paper Seahorse x Postman’s Knock Calligraphy Kits were the result.

From cutting opened the wax sealed string enclosure, to starting your first practice session with Lindsey Bugbee’s exclusive alphabet sheet, The Calligraphy Kit is an experience from beginning to end.

A One Year Birthday for Calligraphy Kits

Since launching a year ago, we have sold more than 700 calligraphy kits in the U.S. and worldwide. Every time a new order popped up, we were so excited to know someone else was starting the gratifying, centuries-old practice of calligraphy.

March 20th officially marks one full year of Calligraphy Kits, and we have a special surprise to mark the occasion.

The New Purple Calligraphy Kit

purple calligraphy kit

This month, we are launching a brand new edition of the Calligraphy Kit - a gorgeous purple/muted brown color combination that will soon be available in the classic line-up of colors for the Calligraphy Kit.

To celebrate even more, we’re doing a giveaway on social media. One winner will be the first to receive the new purple Calligraphy Kit. Visit our Instagram @ThePaperSeahorse to read the rules, enter, and see if you win! Winner is announced on March 20th, the day of the anniversary.

Happy writing, everyone.

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