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5 Easy Steps to a Well-Organized Desk

by Tona Bell September 21, 2019 2 min read

5 Easy Steps to a Well-Organized Desk

An organized space for working, studying, making, and taking breaks is something your mind and soul will thank you for. Having a space that is well organized goes deeper than the visual pleasure – it gives you a sense of peace and harmony. It is balanced energy to help your best work flow through.

Here are our easy steps to add some long-lasting balance to your desk space.

1. Start with a clean slate 

Clear everything off, wipe down the surfaces, and take the time to wipe down anything you will be placing back (computer, laptop, mouse, keyboard, accessories, etc)

2. Ask yourself: How do you use your desk? 

Are you writing, typing, paying bills, working, all of it? Are you mostly doing creative projects? Begin by sorting into groups - what do you use the most? Pens, pencils, fountain pens? Consider your notebooks, planner, stapler, paper clips etc. Are you a letter writer? Do you use postage, rubber stamps, washi tape? Get rid of old clutter or things that no longer suit you. Remember to have a holding area for things you need to go through at a later date.

Classiky porcelain desk organization

Make sure to do this once a week with mail, articles, ideas, etc. If you keep adding piles on top of piles, it makes it harder to sort later - you lose things and then get overwhelmed and won’t touch anything. Sorting and seeing what you have and thinking about how you use it will really help you prioritize. Remember, less is more and when you are super organized. You can easily see what you need and only have what you love!

Classiky desk items and air mail envelopes with Tools to Liveby brass paper clips

3. Set the stage

This is the fun part, organizing and displaying all your favorite items! Everything should have a home so your desk is neat, tidy and things are easy to find. You will be more productive and it will look great (at least until the next time you need to clean your desk!) 

Classiky wood box with washi tape, coccoina glue, pens, pencils, and orange blossom goodness

4. Light It Up

Make sure you have adequate task lighting depending on what you use your desk for. A candle is also nice to have at the ready.

5. Personalize it

Add something that you love and makes you smile. Perhaps a framed photo or quote or piece of art.  We always suggest a touch of green with a happy plant. Living things clean the air and soften the hardscape. Your desk buddy is the finishing touch. Low light? try pothos ivy. Bright light? Try a succulent. They are very popular for being low maintenance.
You are now ready to rock your day!

A well-organized desk

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