November 01, 2019 1 min read

Happy Fountain Pen Day!

Each year on the first Friday of November, Fountain Pen Day celebrates the greatest writing tools in the world.

Fountain pens inspire us, allow us to express ourselves, and make the act of writing inherently enjoyable. They put us in a state of flow where our best ideas come forth, and we appreciate the simple process of writing something down.

Giveaway Contest

We're celebrating the holiday with a fountain pen giveaway! The theme is "Fountain Pen Journeys". Here's how to enter:

  1. Post a picture in your feed of you writing with your favorite fountain pen
  2. In the description, write your story of how you began using fountain pens
  3. Tag us @ThePaperSeahorse as well as three friends.

Entries can be submitted until next Friday, November 8th. You can enter on IG or FB. Wherever you submit, make sure you are following us! All entries have the potential to be reposted in our feed. The grand prize: A new Lamy pen and a bottle of Pelikan limited edition ink! 

Good luck 🖋️

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