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We have made it to our 5th anniversary. Most businesses succeed or fail in the first five years. At times it was touch and go and especially during a pandemic. It has been a long journey and here we are.

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected by TRAVELER’S COMPANY to be an official Partner Shop. There are only a handful of us in North America. What does this mean? We will be carrying exclusive Factory Store items that are not available online anywhere, except Japan. They are only available in store at select partners who have been carefully selected to represent the TRAVELER’S Factory Brand. We are honored and pleased to bring these goods exclusively to Tampa Bay and Florida. We will not be selling these online but in our showroom only.

Sorry, we cannot ship these items. TRAVELER’S COMPANY is helping retailers maintain and strengthen local community relationships. By only allowing in person viewing and purchase, this helps The Paper Seahorse become a special destination not only in Tampa Bay but in Florida and the Southeast United States. 

If you are out of state, you can find a list of North American retailers who are also TRAVELER’S FACTORY Partner shops below. We are proud to be in excellent company and encourage you to visit these small, independent stores. Especially now during these very uncertain times, small businesses everywhere are being challenged. Help maintain authenticity in your community and shop small this holiday season. Bigger chains and retailers will find a way to survive, that is not as easy for the smaller shops.

 Travelers Factory x The Paper Seahorse

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary, we are having a first look event on November 14th, Saturday from 12 – 5pm. Please understand we take everyone’s health extremely seriously. There are precautions we are doing to ensure a safe and happy experience. We are only allowing three people in the shop at one time since the shop is so small. We have temperature checks, masks must be worn and hand sanitizer used.

Here is a sneak peek to whet your appetite!

Our mid November email will have the full catalog of items available. You can book an appointment here or call and place phone orders for local pick up or you can visit our showroom by appointment in November and December. 

Despite the pandemic we are still here. A leaner, smaller version but we are still here. Our showroom will be open limited days and times, however if the positivity rate goes down, we will do a pop-up this holiday season.  Please let us know what you think!


Find a North American TRAVELER'S FACTORY retailer near you:

Yoseka Stationery - Brooklyn, New York

Wonder Pens Stationery Shop - Toronto, Canada

Omoi Zakka Shop - Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

Oblation Papers & Press - Portland, Oregon


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February 26, 2021

Aww Good for you! Love TNs!


February 26, 2021

Your site pictures some travelers items but they are not shown for sale on your website. I’m looking for the colored notebooks and the pouch. Thanks.

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