November 06, 2015 1 min read

There’s something magical to perfect packaging.  They say God is in the details, and I firmly believe that when it comes to packaging a gift. The details in the packaging elevate the gift to the next level.  I wanted to give a little necklace I made to my neighbor who who brought us a delicious apple walnut pie the other day.

I decided to make a paper flower box to house the necklace.

Here’s how easy it was.

First, I chose some cardstock that was a nice rich color and cut it into a square.

Next, I drew a spiral shape onto the square cardstock


After that, I began rolling up the spiral beginning at the widest end


When I finished, I added a bit of glue to the center of the flower to hold the whole thing together.


As a final touch. I took a small rectangular piece of cardstock, folded it long ways and cut out the curve of a leaf on the non-folded side.  I then opened the green cardstock to find a cute green leaf.

That’s how easy it is to show gratitude to someone you appreciate in your life. (Especially great bakers!)


The Paper Seahorse has created kits to make the Paper Flower technique even easier. All the material needed to make a tiny box and several paper flowers is included.


Come out to Tampa Garden Club’s Garden Fest & Holiday Fest 2015, November 13 – 14. We’ll be hosting two Paper Flower Gift Box classes – pre-registration is required. Register through our website to reserve your spot!

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