Why I Love Paper

February 16, 2014 1 min read

I love paper.  Everything about paper and what you can do with it.  The versatility, the feel, the texture, the smoothness as you write on it, the hand of the way it wraps around a present or makes an origami shape.  The different kinds and weights of it that can do almost anything; from fine tissue paper to heavy kraft paper that protects breakables, to magazines, glossy or recycled.  The feel of paper is inviting and lasting.  You can cut it, fold it and mark it.  It brings joy in written letters or notes, promises happiness in an invitation and records thoughts and ideas in books for many generations to enjoy.   

My favorite paper stores of all time:  Kate's Paperie in Manhattan, NY and Oblation in Portland, OR.

And now I am pursuing my dream of opening a stationery store, The Paper Seahorse.  Perhaps one day I too will be someone's favorite paper destination.  A place dedicated to all things writing and paper.  I am excited to share our mutual fascination with this miraculous, simple medium that brings such joy to so many.  Can't wait to hear your stories.



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