Midori Travelers Notebook and Why You Should Get One

We love all things stationery, paper and staying organized.  We all use the Midori Travelers Notebooks here and have fallen in love with them.  We use them as journals, as planners and for travel.  We heart the paper, the leather and the accessories.  We came across this article on The Ink Smudge (fun name right?) and would like to share it with you, they outline some of the reasons why we think you should get one too.  Click the link below:

Volumes 24: Blackwing's Pencil for the Writer

To round out the first year of the Blackwing Volumes program, Blackwing has paid tribute to one of their personal heroes, John Steinbeck. Designed under the guidance of his son, accomplished author Thomas Steinbeck, they’ve attempted to create what would have been John Steinbeck’s ideal pencil.

When asked about its design, Thom was adamant that his father would want it to be black, from barrel to eraser. “My father despised yellow pencils,” Thom said. “It would be black. The whole thing. Top to bottom.” In an effort to avoid distraction, John Steinbeck chose pencils that were dark in color and, therefore, less eye-catching. Thom went on to describe the ideal graphite as “the hardest point you can find that still maintains some darkness.” “My father’s pencils had a firm, sharp point,” noted Thom. “They were surgically sharp. You could dissect a mouse [with his pencils].”

John Steinbeck saw sharpening as another unnecessary, and unacceptable distraction. So every day, before putting graphite to paper, he would sharpen 24 pencils and place them point up in the first of two identical wood boxes. Each pencil lasted just long enough to dull its point – usually four or five lines – before being placed in the second box, point down. After all 24 pencils had progressed from one box to the other, John would resharpen each pencil, and begin the process anew. According to Thom, some days he would use over 100 pencils. But every day started with 24 pencils and the sound of the pencil sharpener.

The Blackwing 24 features a new extra-firm graphite great for extended writing. You won’t find this graphite in any of the other Blackwing models. It’s slightly firmer than the graphite found in the Blackwing 602, without sacrificing much in the way of darkness. It also features a distraction-free black barrel, black imprint, black ferrule and black eraser.  

We are thrilled to offer this limited edition pencil in the studio and online.  Get yours today.

Blackwing 24

My 30 days of lettering writing

When the topic came up at a meeting with Tona and the other cowgirls at the end of March, I thought, no problem.  I can do 30 letters, cards or notes in a month; so I was “on”.  Then April 1st arrived and I thought what had I committed myself to!!!


As I sat there looking at the few cards I had gotten to start out the month with and looked at the calendar, it seemed overwhelming.  I don’t even know 30 people, much less sending a written item that many times.  But, I started to recall when I was a young woman and the letters I would write and receive.  And to look over some of the saved letters and the cards that were now almost 50 years old.  I couldn’t imagine an email being with me this long and evoking the memories that these pieces of paper were bringing back.  A tactile reminder of who I was then and the people in my life; my grandmother; my mom and dad all of whom are now gone; close, dear friends, lost loves.  These were pieces of the fabric of my life that I could actually touch and not just search for in an email.


So, now almost at the end of the month of April, I find myself again excited to be sending my son a note, a friend a thank you, a letter to an old acquaintance across the country.  The best part of all of this has been the responses.  To now go to my mailbox and see a card or letter from someone is exciting!  A thrill that opening an email just doesn’t begin to evoke.  To feel that someone took the time to sit, think and put to paper special words to me has been a huge bonus to this challenge.  I hope, too, that the recipients of my exchanges feel as I do.  Happy to have received something in writing.


Will I continue with a letter or card a day going forward. . .No, probably not.  But I will definitely be increasing my written word to others over the remainder of the year.