K.I.T. Inspiration: Origami Self-Mailer

This is a sweet and simple origami note that uses one sheet of paper!  Using fun scrapbook or patterned paper will help this special delivery stand out from regular and junk mail.  Brighten someone’s mailbox with a handmade and handwritten note.

You’ll need:

• a fun piece of paper
• a pen
• a first class stamp
• a pair of scissors and ruler or paper cutter


bone folder

a mailing label
washi tape
rubber stamps

Here is a reference image to use:

Origami Self-Mailer

Snail Mail Game Show Round #10

Snail Mail Game Show | Uncustomary

A letter friend Amanda Just sent us a link to this amazing site where you can participate in a fun mail art prompt, so we tried it out.  

The Snail Mail Game Show is better than ever! For Round 10, the participants received a piece of paper with the outline of a person and the prompt, “If you could create a brand new planet in our solar system, what would it look like?”

Here is the result of what we dreamt up this summer: 

“This planet is really a world within a world. Rings of water and playing mermaids protect it. A lush tropical, magical place where cats are in charge and their main purpose is to PURR; because when they do, ideas are born, inspiring and loving. It’s so powerful that it is considered top secret, thus enchanted. These purrfect ideas are the ones that create beauty and harmony in the universe. They are vital to all living things. This secret planet allows one to flow, like zebras dancing in the clouds…CADEA … the planet that makes dreams come true.”

Midori Travelers Notebook Meet Up No.2

We had such a fun time at the second Midori Travelers Notebook Meet Up.  We spent the afternoon sharing journaling techniques and planning ideas as well as creating a pocket folder make and take.  We had three newbies who are going to get into journaling now, success!  

Here are some pictures from the event:

Honorary cowgirl, Skylar Hand, made a neat video about the day, watch it now on her You Tube channel.

Until next time, yours in paper craft, Tona

Save The Elephants with Origami: Break the Guinness World Record!

As a member of the National Origami Association, we are pleased to participate in helping break the Guinness World Record for largest display of origami elephants! The Wildlife Conservation Society is bringing attention to the 35,000 African elephants who are killed each year for their tusks. The current record for folded elephants is 33,764, help us break this record and do some good.
We are making several hundred to send in by September 16th.  You can drop yours off to us and we will send them in for you.  Just make sure they are in to us by end of day on the 14th.
Learn more about this neat project here.  And if you love origami like we do, we'd love to meet you, come say hello!

Oblation Papers & Press: One of our all time favorite stationers!

We want to share some background on one of our favorite brands of all time: Oblation Papers & Press. They are located in Portland, Oregon, in the Pearl District, a hip and cool part of town.  Housed in a beautiful building that is home to their antique letter presses and design studio, along with one of the best shops we've ever been too.  They specialize in letterpress cards, journals and snarky cards. They are 100% wind powered, use soy inks and make their own sumptuous handmade papers.  When we opened, we knew they had to be one of the first partners we contacted for custom letterpress and cards.  Speaking of which they have a line called Hat Wig Glove that is smart, funny and cheeky.  The cards are one of our best sellers.  From baby to wedding; to business cards and everything in between, we are grateful to bring their custom letterpress goodness to Tampa Bay.

We found a great behind the scenes article from Oh So Beautiful Papers that shows the shop in detail.  Check out a slice of paper heaven.

So next time you need a special note, business card or custom invitation, make sure you consider environmental letterpress.  We can design something stunning that you can feel good about!