Our second Write-In/Type-In was such a special event.  We had an Open House that was very well Creative Writing and Typewriter 101 classes in the morning and in the afternoon we wrote and typed letters to three local charities.  We got amazing coverage from the local media who likes what we are doing!  Bobby Lewis from Channel 10 came and interviewed us as well as Bobbie O'Brien from USF/NPR.  Hear and see the stories below.  See ya next year and in the meantime P.S. Keep In Touch!


Read the article and hear the story here:



See Bobby Lewis' On The Road segment about us here:

My 30 Cards & Letters In 30 Days: What I Learned to Keep In Touch More

Hi Everyone -- I am almost done with my 30 cards and letters in 30 days Write_On Challenge!  It was interesting and definitely challenging.  

I got all my gear together, cards, pens, postcards, stamps, labels, washi tape and fun small items to delight and surprise in the mail.  I even got my list together for the month. It included some birthdays, Passover cards, long over due letters, and some just because notes.  That was the easy part.

Trying to write daily didn't work for me. Between work and travel and life in general, some days are not as you plan them to be and with all the best intentions, daily posting wasn't working. I found I had to do a grouping and that made it much easier.  So I found, much like journaling, I was able to schedule time once or twice a week that helped me have uninterrupted, quality time to write.

So what did I learn?

1. I have a ton of fun stationery and cards that I should definitely be using more and send into the world. What's the point of collecting if you don't use it right?

2. Making a list to stay organized was very helpful.  I plan on doing this at the beginning of each month and I hope I can stick to it.

3. Gathering all my "gear" (writing goodness) in one spot was most efficient instead of hunting and gathering for stamps here, cards over there and washi tape in a drawer, etc.

4.  I actually have written more cards and letters than 30 and it is only the middle of the month, so I will have exceeded my target.  I think this is because I did focused writing sessions and grouped "kinds" of correspondence:  birthdays, passover, thank you's, and regular letters. 

How is your letter writing campaign going and what have you learned so far?  We'd love to hear from you.  Good luck!

The Keep In Touch Collection Launches

To commemorate National Card, Letter Writing & Poetry Month, we have been inspired to help you "keep in touch" easier.

As dedicated mail geeks who love paper, stationery and sending happy mail; we are proud to introduce The Keep In Touch Collection TM for letter writers and mail art lovers. 

This special collection consists of:

Postal Helper:

Postal Necklace:


Keep In Touch Kits (Mini pictured):